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Box A Chocolate

The chocolate candy factory needs you! Use your hands to pick up chocolate candies and place them in purple boxes as they go past on a conveyor belt.

The display keeps track of how many chocolates you let get past and wasted, as well as how many chocolates you successfully placed into a box.

If you think you can keep up, there are 10 levels to the supply speed.

A perfect score is 100 boxed chocolates and 0 wasted! I built this and I can't manage that : )

This is a Windows only build and requires the Leapmotion controller.

I am working on adding a difficulty option, so you can play Easy / Normal / Hard / Lucy mode. Also still finessing the audio and some of the modeling / textures but it is quite playable.

Please leave feedback here. Thanks for downloading and have fun!

Game play video here - https://youtu.be/KxCUXOPtV_4

Install instructions

Unzip the files into a folder of your choosing.

Place your Leapmotion controller on the desk near the front edge and stand up!

Run the "Box_A_Chocolate_v07_beta" file.

Click through the menus. When ready to play, click "Start Game", then click once more to clear instructions from screen.

Then place your hands out over the Leapmotion controller and reach out and press the "Start" button.

You can change the speed up or down by pressing the blue buttons on the display above the conveyor belt.

Be careful if you need to remove a hand from the game as sometimes when returned it makes the boxes go flying all over : )

Press Escape to open the pause menu. Press Space anytime for screenshots, they are in the games folder.


Box_A_Chocolate_v07_beta.zip 146 MB


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looks great

Thank you everybody who has downloaded the game : )

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